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Statistics Canada regularly engages in consultations with Canadians to gauge client satisfaction, seek input on program development and initiatives, and test the usability of its website features.

To obtain feedback from its clients, users and key stakeholders, the Agency uses many consultation methods, including one-on-one discussions, online questionnaires, roundtable discussions, dialogue sessions, consultative committees and focus groups.

Statistics Canada's consultation activities are published online, along with the findings.

Consultation results are also available online from the Canadian government website Consulting With Canadians.

Recently announced consultations


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January 2016 - Statistics Canada's Website Evaluation 2016
December 2015 - Census of Population Program — Public Use Microdata File
June 2015 - Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade Statistics
May 2015 - Statistical Information Service Evaluation 2015/2016

Recently announced results

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2014/2015 - Statistical Information Service Evaluation 2014/2015
April 2015 - New Dissemination Model Beta Website Consultations
February 2015 - Statistics Canada's Website Evaluation 2015

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