Census Influencer Toolkit

Thanks to so many Canadians participating in the 2021 Census, Statistics Canada is proud to reveal our many rich stories and present "Your census, your stories: Canada's portrait."

Statistics Canada would appreciate your support in spreading the word about the Census data releases. Here you'll find ready-to-use text, graphics and relevant hashtags to help you share the information with your network.

There will be seven major 'themed' release dates starting February 9, 2022 and the Influencer Toolkit will be updated with each one.

What's in the toolkit?

Products and resources that you can share with your online community.

Materials available include:

Quick facts

  • One in 300 people in Canada aged 15 and older are transgender or non-binary.
  • In May 2021, there were 59,460 people in Canada aged 15 and older living in a private household who were transgender (0.19%) and 41,355 who were non-binary (0.14%).
  • Close to two-thirds (62.0%) of the 100,815 individuals who were transgender or non-binary were younger than 35.
  • Millennials are the generation that account for the largest share of the working-age population (33.2%), or those aged 15 to 64.
  • The number of apartments in a high-rise apartment building—with five or more storeys—has risen quickly. From 2016 to 2021, it increased 14.7%, more than double the total growth in the number of private dwellings (+6.4%).

Social media content

Statistics Canada encourages influencers to post its content and images to their own social media accounts. You can save the images to your device and copy and paste the text content to your social media platforms to share.


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Image associated with Twitter post - 1 in 300 people in Canada aged 15 and older in 2021 are transgender or non-binary

Canada is the first country to provide census data on transgender and non-binary people. Approximately 1 out of every 300 people in Canada aged 15 and older in 2021 was transgender or non-binary. http://ow.ly/rP2n50ITqVa

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Image associated with Facebook post

New data from the #2021Census are now available:

  • Age and type of dwelling: http://ow.ly/iCVZ50ITsG0
  • Sex at birth and gender: http://ow.ly/e8hX50ITsFX

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Tell your professional network about the latest census data release. Check out the latest posts on Statistics Canada's LinkedIn page.

Image associated with LinkedIn post - People nearing retirement outnumber those old enough to enter the labour market

The working age population (15 to 64 years) has never been older in the history of Canadian censuses. More than one in five (21.8%) in this age group is close to retirement (55 to 64 years).

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Build your own Instagram Story.

Statistics Canada has put together Instagram-ready images for you to use in your stories. Combine an image, graph, hashtags, and facts to share census data with your online network.

Census stickers

Search "2021 Census" to add custom Census stickers to your Instagram stories.

Facts / Phrases

  • One in 300 people in Canada aged 15 and older are transgender or non-binary
  • Canada is the first country to provide census data on transgender and non-binary people
  • New #2021Census data! 18.3% of Canadians are over 65
  • #2021Census shows 16.3% of Canadians are under 15
  • More than 4 in 5 people living in downtown Calgary, Halifax and Toronto are age 15 to 64.

Census challenge

Do the census challenge and share your score with your network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit or TikTok.

Step 1 – Turn on a census playlist

2021 Census soundtrack

Get comfortable, press play, and let's experience Canada's musical talent together.

Step 2 - Play the census game

Census game

Test how much of a #CensusGeek you are!

Step 3 - Check out the newly released census data to learn more about Canada

Census of Population

The Census of Population provides a detailed statistical portrait of Canada and its people by their demographic, social and economic characteristics.

Step 4 – Share your favourite playlists, the census game score and what you've learned with your network

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