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Title Type Release date
Corn, sweet corn Article 2022-08-05
Less tobacco use for Canadian youth, but their reasons for vaping are concerning Article 2022-08-04
Overwhelming majority of Canadian women start breastfeeding soon after giving birth, and more than half stop within six months Article 2022-08-04
Statistically speaking: E does not always stand for excellent Databyte 2022-08-02
Take off, eh! A look at air travel entering the third summer of the pandemic Article 2022-07-29
Fewer Canadians were food insecure during the first year of the pandemic Article 2022-07-28
Who received the Canada Emergency Response Benefit? Newest research takes a closer look Databyte 2022-07-27
Hot summer job market for university and college students Article 2022-07-26
Who’s minding the young children? Article 2022-07-25
Statistics Canada's Trust Centre Article 2022-07-22
Looking for some life satisfaction this summer? Article 2022-07-21
Canada’s Far North less remote than meets the eye Article 2022-07-19
They’re back! Food and drink sales surpass pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels in March, but challenges remain Article 2022-07-18
World Youth Skills Day Article 2022-07-15
Most newspaper publishers stayed in the black in 2020 Article 2022-07-14
Flow-chart: How Canadians love the water! Article 2022-07-13
Statistically speaking: X marks the spot Databyte 2022-07-12
Canada’s population clock: Data modelled in real time Databyte 2022-07-11
Getting out to the “green gym” Databyte 2022-07-08
A sweet (data) bite: Canada’s love for chocolate Databyte 2022-07-07
Statistically speaking: The dreaded F Databyte 2022-07-06
The dirt on composting Article 2022-07-05
Strawberry fields forever? Article 2022-07-04
A Canada Day with local flavour Databyte 2022-06-30
In a world of likes, follows and subscriptions… Article 2022-06-30